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“Animal breeding is a critical part of the European Union, as it believes breeders to be the true guardians of food production systems with responsibility for protecting the environment. It attaches great significance to their activities in the primary sector of the economy.”

The need for sustainable development – a sustainability that can be achieved in all economic sectors, from primary to tertiary – is timelier than ever these days.
Sustainable production is seen as a very high priority, as it includes health, nutrition, food waste, environmental protection and animal welfare. Additionally, the European Commission considers animal breeding particularly important in the context of its targets for sustainable development and proposes to combine the production of animal products with environmental protection, animal health, and the effort to achieve tastier and better quality products.
This will create better conditions and benefits for animals, land, animal breeders, industry and, of course, consumers.


Goats and sheep were among the first farmed animals to be domesticated, some 11,000 years ago.


The content of this promotional campaign reflects only the views of the author, who is solely responsible. The European Commission is not responsible for any use of the information it contains.

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