DAY 2, Signed by Nature: Sustainable Sheep and Goat Breeding – Cooking with sheep and goat meat

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Part 1: Sustainable goat and sheep farming for kids

Description: A useful tool for parents and teachers, that explains the basic principles of sustainability and sustainable meat production with a use of fun animation for kids.


Part 2: Yummylicious! Cooking with Kids, easy recipes for balanced family meals (Nora de Moratti + Chef Nikos Fotiadis)


Description: Cooking show. Cooking with Kids, easy recipes for balanced family meals with sheep and goat meat

1.Grilled Lamb meatballs, seasonal vegetables, Greek yogurt sauce, fresh herbs, pitta bread

2.Lamb gyros sandwich with lots of grilled vegetables


More Info

Signed by Nature is a European programme promoting European sustainable sheep and goat farming in Greece, Germany and Sweden, run by the National Interbranch Meat Organization (EDOK). The duration of the campaign is 3 years and its aim is to inform professionals and consumers in Greece, Germany and Sweden for the benefits of sustainable sheep and goat breeding, while at the same time teaching them to recognize the quality of goat and sheep meat produced in the EU. Official website:

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EDOK is the first interbranch organization of its kind and is part of the European Commission’s broader strategy for the promotion of interprofessional activities. EDOK promotes the dialogue between, both the members and the institutions, in order to facilitate those interventions that will benefit the growth of its members and the entire Meat Sector.

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