Signed by Nature event in Lennep Germany

Signed by Nature event in Lennep Germany

The Greek sheep travels to Germany

Signed by Nature recently made its premiere appearance outside Greek borders at an event held in the German State of Rhine-Westphalia on 20 November, offering attendees an opportunity to try Greek sheepmeat for the first time.

Present at the event were well-known German public opinion shapers, including wholesalers and retailers who were impressed by the gastronomic potential of Greek sheepmeat. Greek meat dishes based on mutton, goat and lamb were prepared for the event by renowned chefs to highlight the unique flavours of Greek local products.

The tasting menu included sheep and goat prepared in a variety of ways, burgers, prosciutto and sausages – all made from sheepmeat.

An “espresso” made from sheep’s broth stole the show.

Aside from the feast of flavours, participants also learned about the content and goals of the programme.

Highlights from our event in Germany

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